provides origination and termination services for Call Centers and Domestic Operators at a very aggressive rates. Whether you are a call center, CLEC, Wholesale operator or just need to terminate your Voip traffic, help you.


      • USA Call Center termination: NPA-NXX or Flat Rate
      • USA Conversational termination: NPA-NXX or Flat Rate
      • Canada Call Center termination:
      • Canada Conversational termination
      • UK Call Center Termination
      • UK Conversational Termination
      • China Double DTMF short duration
      • China Conversational termination
      • Additional Call Center termination in some other countries
      • Complete AZ International/Conversational traffic

      • USA NPA-NXX: 1/1: one second initial, 1 seconds increments
      • USA Flat-Rate: 6/6: six second initial, 6 seconds increments
      • Other - Call Center termination: 1/1: one second initial, 1 seconds increments
      • International termination

No penalities

High Capacity: 12,000 Ports +

High Processing: 15 CPS per every 100 ports alocated

Codecs: G729, G711, G729a, G723, DTMF SIP INFO, RFC2833

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